MESOMEX Sauces are made in small batches from only the finest quality ingredients in order to maintain their authentic flavor. All of our sauces are 100% natural, free of artificial preservatives, flavors, colors, have zero trans fat, and are Vegan and GlutenFree.


Our products will always reflect the Indigenous flavors and culture of Mexico and encourage a greater awareness to this ethnically diverse part of the world. We support Indigenous communities in Mexico and our goal is to encourage others to do so as well.


Garlic & Chili Peppers (GP): Its distinctive flavor comes from the combination of garlic and chili peppers. Enjoy MESOMEX garlic & chili pepper sauce on chicken, steak, pizza, veggies, and more.



guapo ['gwapo] adj 1 attractive. 2 boastful. 3 brave, daring. 4 bold, fierce. 5 smart.

Cilantro and Serrano (CS): Its refreshing flavor comes from the combination of fragrant cilantro and crisp serrano peppers. MESOMEX cilantro & serrano sauce is great with veggies, on sandwiches, or try it as a guacamole starter for a one of a kind authentic Mexican flavor!!



fresco ['fresko] adj 1 cool. 2 fresh. 3 recent, new. 4 calm.

Fiero Habanero (FH): Its bold yet refined flavor comes from fiery habanero chili peppers. Made in small batches in the Yukatek Maya k'uut style. MESOMEX Fiero is MUCH spicier than our other sauces! Enjoy it as an "enhancer" to all of your favorite dishes.


fiero ['fjero] adj 1 fierce. 2 wild. 3 ferocious.