Our Mission


At Colibri LLC, we assure that our MESOMEX Artisan Mexican Sauces are made from the finest quality ingredients and are made in small batches to preserve their homemade authentic taste.  

We make Mexican sauces free of artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, in order to provide you with a delicious 100% natural product you can feel good about enjoying with your meal and sharing with your friends and family.  

We wish to broaden the perception of what Mexican cuisine is by introducing you to the variety of bold, unique flavors and textures that encompass pre-Hispanic Mexican cuisine.  

We want our products to promote an appreciation of the rich heritage that ancient Mesoamerican civilizations and contemporary Indigenous communities in Mexico have to offer, especially through their food.  

Our products will always reflect the Indigenous flavors and culture of Mexico and encourage a greater awareness to this ethnically diverse part of the world. We support Indigenous communities in Mexico and our goal is to encourage others to do so as well.