The Story Behind MESOMEX Sauces ...

 Our original garlic & chili pepper sauce described in Mexico as "guapo", is a an artisan sauce native to my home state of Guanajuato in Central Mexico.  When I moved to the United States from Mexico in 2003, my wife Joanne and I began perfecting and tweaking oursauce until years later we arrived at the finished product.


We use the finest quality garlic and chili peppers which produce its bold, unique flavor.  In my home town, we use this style of sauce mainly on pizza and steak.  When we introduced our garlic & chili pepper sauce in Pittsburgh, it was those items that I originally thought to pair it with. 


Since everyone loved it so much, I decided it would be a great idea to share some of my other spicy sauce recipes as well.  We first introduced our Cilantro & Serrano pepper sauce (crisp/refreshing), described as "fresco", and than a year later, Fiero Habanero pepper sauce (very spicy).  Our loyal customers loved both of these as well!  Now I feel like we have a sauce for everyones individual taste!


So if you haven't already, try a MESOMEX Sauce and let us know which one is your favorite!!! 


It's OK if you can't choose ;)